Reingold departs WUSA

WUSA(tv) Washington general manager Dick Reingold resigned this week, he said, to put together an investment group to purchase small- and medium-market TV stations.

The former WRC-TV news director and NBC Asia bureau chief's appointment in 1998 was well-received after a tumultuous period at the Gannett station, but the station has not been able to overtake market leader WRC-TV in ratings.

Running the station now will be Artyth Diercks, an experienced Gannett manager who will also continue to oversee Gannett stations in the region: WFMY-TV Greenboro,N.C., KTHV(tv) Little Rock,Ark, WMAZ-TV, Macon, Ga., and WLTX(tv) Columbia, S.C. - Dan Trigoboff