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Reed Hundt, groupie

Forget Kevin Bacon. It's now the six degrees of Reed Hundt.

Who doesn't he know? The former FCC chairman is tight likethis with President Clinton (law school chums at Yale), George W. (college acquaintances at Yale) and Al Gore (St. Albans' high-school brats in Washington).

But wait, there's more. Guess who introduced Hundt to the Senate committee overseeing his confirmation to the FCC in 1993? Yep. That would be Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Yalie himself.

Since college, Lieberman told the panel "we have been privileged to meet each other on car pools in more recent years, when we have dropped off our younger children at the same nursery school."

He's got friends in high places, no doubt. "I thought you were going to introduce me as the Zelig of the information age,'' Hundt joked with Paula Zahn on FOX News Channel.