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Reality Execs Get Talent Clearinghouse

While it may be easy to find beauties for reality shows these days, it may be tougher to find the geeks—so one company is launching a web service to help reality producers cast a wider net. this week is unveiling a Web site that streamlines the application process for reality show wannabes.  “ does for reality TV what the ‘common application’ did for college applications,” said Brian Ostrovsky, CEO of

For $24.99 per year, people desperate to get their 15 minutes of pseudo-fame can complete a comprehensive casting application and upload a digital video and photographs. The company will make the database available free of charge to established reality TV casting execs. 

Producers Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey of Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment (I Want to Be a Hilton) are co-chairmen of the company’s advisory board.