Real Estate Group Puts U-Verse Under Fire

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers has asked attorney generals in the five states in which AT&T Inc. has launched its U-verse services to investigate fires related to AT&T equipment.

The trade group called for the action to “preserve the public's safety and prevent further harm to property.”

Earlier this year, AT&T acknowledged problems with lithium batteries in 17,000 equipment vaults around the country. The most recent incident was a cabinet explosion and fire on Christmas morning in Wauwatosa, Wisc. 

AT&T is replacing the batteries as quickly as possible, according to the telecommunications company.

The real estate group believes sales of homes near AT&T vaults “will show a dramatic drop-off until their security is ensured,” according to the association. That drop-off will imperil the livelihood of African American real estate professionals, the group added.

“These large U-verse cabinets have been proven to be hazardous from their early roll-out stages,” said NAREB president Maria Kong in a statement.