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RDK Says It’s Up to 50M Device Deployments

RDK Management said that its open-sourced Reference Design Kit (RDK) is now deployed in 50 million devices around the world.

The group also said that its community membership has expanded to more than 400 companies.

RDK Management made what has become its annual benchmark announcement from ANGA COM in Cologne, Germany. In March of 2018, it declared that RDK had been deployed in 40 million devices.

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“Service providers around the globe recognize that RDK gives them ultimate control over their software roadmaps and data within the connected home, across video, broadband and IoT connected devices,” said Steve Heeb, president and general manager of RDK. “As such, there are now more than 50 million deployed devices powered by RDK software.

“On the broadband side, RDK has become the preferred software stack for broadband gateways from leading suppliers, and they are focused on providing RDK solutions across DOCSIS, DSL, and PON," Heeb added. "For video, the RDK App Framework and RDK Video Accelerator make it easier to develop and manage apps in a consistent way across RDK video devices. And, notably, RDK also provides a common method for service providers to leverage device management and ‘big data’ to improve broadband and video performance.”