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RDK Deployments Exceed 80 Million Pay TV Set-tops, Gateways and Other CPE Gadgets

(Image credit: Humax)

The Reference Design Kit (RDK), an open-sourced software platform for pay TV set-tops, broadband gateways and other customer premises equipment, jointly developed by Comcast, Liberty Global and Charter Communications, is now in more than 80 million devices worldwide.

The deployment benchmark was announced by the consortium backing the software initiative, RDK Management, and builds on the 60 million-plus figure announced a year ago

The open-sourced RDK software stack is freely available to all users who want to access code, collaborate, develop, and submit software contributions back to the RDK community.

RDK is now deployed by more than 30 service providers throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, RDK Management said. These providers include not just the principals, but also Cox Communications, J:COM, Megacable, Melita, MEO, NOS, NOWO, PYUR, Rogers, Shaw, SFR (part of Altice Europe), Vidéotron, Vodafone, VTR, and Ziggo.

The consortium also claims more than 500 technology companies within the RDK community, up from 430 the previous year. These companies span leading CE manufacturers, SoC companies, software developers, system integrators and service providers.

“The common refrain we hear from operators is that RDK provides them with maximum versatility and transparency, while keeping them in complete control over their consumer-facing experience and device telemetry,” said Jason Briggs, executive director of RDK Management, in a statement.