RCN’s 1-Gig Goes to Washington

RCN Corp. said it has launched 1-Gig residential broadband across its serviceable areas in the D.C. Metro area.  

RCN Launches 1-Gig in NYC

RCN, which competes with Comcast in the market, said the rollout there includes Washington, D.C., Montgomery County, Maryland, Falls Church and the Braemar community in Bristow, Virginia.

Like its rollouts in Chicago and New York, RCN’s residential, uncapped 1-Gig (downstream) service will be powered by DOCSIS 3.1, the new multi-gigabit platform for HFC networks.

RCN is selling 1-Gig for $69.99 per month for the first 12 months, but has not announced how pricing for the tier will change following the first year.

Last week, Comcast announced it was deploying D3.1 and 1-Gig service to several markets, including Denver, San Francisco, and Kansas City, but has not yet said when it intends to offer it in the nation’s capital. Comcast does offer Gigabit Pro, a 2-Gig symmetrical FTTP service, in the market.

“The fastest Internet speeds in the market are now available to the D.C. area where reliable, uninterrupted and high performance speed is in high demand,” Sanford Ames, Jr., senior vice president and general manager of RCN D.C. Metro, said in a statement. “We recognize our customer’s need for speed is getting stronger with multiple devices, Over-The-Top (OTT) video content, smart homes and more. By integrating the newest technologies, RCN remains unrivalled in D.C. innovation. RCN 1 Gig customers will notice a big difference in the way they access the internet and share bandwidth in the home.”