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RCN Hits ‘Mach 7’ Early

RCN Corp. launched its “MegaModem Mach 7” 7-megabit-per-second high-speed-data service two weeks ahead of schedule, the MSO said Tuesday.

Customers with “MegaModem Mach 5 (5 mbps downstream) will automatically be upgraded to MegaModem Mach 7, and subscribers with “MegaModem Mach 3” (3 mbps) will be boosted to MegaModem Mach 5.

Both speed tiers feature upload speeds of up to 800 kilobits per second.

“With this speed increase, RCN's standard cable-modem service is almost twice as fast as our cable-modem competitors and more than three times faster than DSL [digital subscriber line]," senior vice president of product and marketing Rick Rioboli said in a prepared statement.