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RCN Hits 10 Mbps

RCN Corp. said Wednesday that it will upgrade the downstream speed of its cable-modem service to 10 megabits per second across all of its markets by Feb. 28.

The speed increase -- which the MSO touted as the fastest residential speed available -- marks the third time in the past 18 months that RCN has upgraded modem speeds at no additional cost to its subscribers.

The MSO said customers with “MegaModem Mach 7,” RCN's 7-mbps service, will be automatically upgraded to “MegaModem Mach 10,” and subscribers with 5-mbps service “MegaModem Mach 5” will be automatically upgraded to MegaModem Mach 7.

“Thanks to our fiber-rich network, RCN continues to set the Internet-speed standard,” CEO Peter D. Aquino said in a prepared statement. “With MegaModem Mach 10, our customers can get music, videos, games and other data at rapid speeds unmatched by any other provider.”