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RCN Enters Into Stealth Deal

RCN Corp. will host Stealth Communications Inc.’s “Voice Peering Fabric” distributed switch Ethernet fabric in its Boston and Chicago markets.

VPF allows members -- including business enterprises, competitive local-exchange carriers, cable operators, VoIP-service providers and educational-network operators -- to establish peer-to-peer connections for voice-over-Internet-protocol traffic.

RCN will provide colocation services to the VPF and to customers that need connection, along with support services such as transport, Internet access, IP transit and wholesale voice.

“Expanding the VPF from New York into Boston and Chicago, with RCN's assistance, will increase the reach of the VPF to new enterprises and carriers while improving the efficiency of existing partners," Stealth CEO Shrihari Pandit said in a prepared statement.

RCN Business president Todd Narwid added, “By hosting the VPF, RCN can provide a single source for services that VPF customers need, including colocation, transport, Internet access and wholesale voice.”