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RCN Adds ‘Shop Online’ Features to Site

RCN launched a new Shop Online service on its Web site that enables prospective new customers to order service and even schedule installation dates.

"While this service works only for new residential customers today, we do plan to expand its reach to include all of our residential and small-business customers in the future." RCN vice president Mark Chinn said in a prepared statement.

When visiting RCN's Web site, prospective customers can look for the Shop Online tab or various Shop Now buttons. They will be asked to provide a home address and ZIP code to quickly learn if their home is currently served by RCN. If so, they are then taken into the online shopping process, where they can find out about the wide choice of telephone, data and cable-TV packages available and order service online.

The Shop Online option also includes MiVisión, which has four Spanish-Language tier packages for a total of 30 channels.