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Rather, NBC crews take fire in Mideast

According to the Associated Press, Dan Rather anchored the CBS Evening News
from Jerusalem Monday only hours after a close call with a car bomb.

Rather and two producers had just driven by a checkpoint where a car bomb
exploded, killing the attacker and a policeman.

An NBC TV crew came under Israeli fire twice Monday in Ramallah, on the West
Bank, but escaped unscathed both times.

In the first instance, correspondent Dana Lewis and his camera operator were
traveling through an Israeli checkpoint in the city center when a guard fired
warning shots in their direction.

Later in the day, the two were returning to their Ramallah headquarters when
an Israeli soldier fired on their bulletproof car.

The soldier fired his M-16 several times, according to Lewis.

Asked why they came under attack, Lewis said on MSNBC: "Your guess is as good
as mine. We had 'TV' painted all over the car."

One explanation could be that the Israeli government has declared Ramallah
off-limits to foreign journalists.