Randy Rainbow Shines Brightly at Pride TV Summit

Randy Rainbow
Randy Rainbow (Image credit: Randy Rainbow)

Randy Rainbow, yes, that’s his real name, is a two-time Emmy-award nominee, comedian, lyricist, and star of YouTube's popular Randy Rainbow channel. The program features witty political satire lampooning leaders in the news with musical parodies of popular show tunes or pop hits. Examples include Desperate Cheeto to the tune of Desperado; Rudy and The Beast based on Beauty and The Beast and Mr. Biden (Bring My Vaccine) using the tune of the 50’s pop classic, Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream.   

Rainbow’s talents seem limitless. He composes the lyrics, plays multiple male and female roles in the cast, films and edits each episode in his apartment and then distributes the content on YouTube. The results are unforgettable moments of humor and quality entertainment. 

In a fun-filled and lively fireside chat (with producer Joe Schramm) during the June 23 Pride TV Summit, Rainbow discusses the history behind the development of the series and his motivation for creating the show.  He shares his childhood dreams of acting on Broadway and how those dreams have almost come true by co-starring with Broadway star Patti Lupone in one of last year’s episodes, If Donald Got Fired (1.7 million views) to the music of If Momma Was Married from the Broadway hit, Gypsy.  

Much to his personal amazement, Rainbow has attracted numerous famous celebrity fans, some of whom have agreed to work with him on upcoming projects. As an example, he mentions in the interview that he is working on an album with the Academy Award-winning composer and songwriter, Alan Menken. He also mentions that tickets are on sale now for his Randy Rainbow Live tour which starts at the Beacon Theater in New York on October 30. The website www.RandyRainbow.com offers a full list of the tour dates and ticket information. Randy Rainbow’s current and past parodies can be viewed on YouTube. Register for free to see Randy Rainbow and an insight-filled program at the Pride TV Summit. Below is a preview of his chat with event producer Joe Schramm.