RadioShack Slashes Antenna Pricing By 25% Amid TWC/CBS Dispute

Over-the-air antennas continue to be a hot commodity as the Time Warner Cable-CBS dispute heads toward its fourth complete week.

RadioShack on Monday said it was cutting 25% off the price of one of its antenna models just three days after TWC began to offer free antennas in a handful of markets affected by blackouts, and Best Buy and TWC partnered on a program that provides $20 vouchers toward the purchase of digital TV rabbit ears.

Each retailer is taking a different consumer angle. While BestBuy travels the MSO-friendly route by teaming up with TWC, RadioShack’s new sales campaign takes an adversarial cable slant, noting in its announcement that the discount makes "'cutting the cable' convenient and easy."

RadioShack’s price slash, offered through Sept. 7, applies only to one model: the AntennaCraft Amplified Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna, which regularly sells for $49.99, but is currently available online for $37.49.

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