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Radio station could lose license

Radio Moultrie Inc. faces revocation of its license for WMGA(AM) Moultrie, Ga., after the Federal Communications Commission determined that the company, without permission, turned over control of the station to creditors.

The FCC has ordered an agency judge to decide among revocation, fines or a cease-and-desist order.

Dixie Broadcasting has been operating the station under a time-brokerage agreement since 1998, when the company agreed to buy WMGA from Radio Moultrie.

Things went sour when Radio Moultrie refused to cooperate in license-transfer applications.

Frustrated with Radio Moultrie, Dixie "sublet" the brokerage agreement to Aubrey Smith and Sam and Gracie Zamarron, who currently operate the station.

Time-brokerage agreements in themselves are not considered transfers of control, but Radio Moultrie allegedly stopped communicating with operators of the stations, even though it continues to get paid under the brokerage agreement, and it has not responded to FCC inquiries.