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Radio 'Looks' at Future of TV

As the FCC prepares to give broadcasters a better handle on
their future -- in an Oct. 26 workshop on spectrum incentive auctions -- National
Public Radio is exploring the topic in a five-part series on Morning Edition that began Monday, Oct.
22, with a look at sports apps.

The series, How
We Watch What We Watch
, will also look at illegal and legal downloading
of TV shows -- Tuesday's edition focuses on different legal and illegal ways
folks can download House -- how
bandwidth limits affect the online viewing equation, and how broadcasters are
adapting to serve audiences.

"We'll explore where your favorite sports, drama,
comedy and music are available -- and whether the quality of what you can get
away from your TV is actually any good," says NPR in its intro to the
series. "We'll also look at how TV networks and cable companies are
reacting to this changing marketplace and what that means for you, the

The stories will be collected here.