Radio and TV news services

ABC News Radio: 24-hour daily service featuring several newscasts per hour; covers sports, business, new-media news, international and national news; daily features; includes (212) 456-5107

AccuWeather: National and local weather and facts; school delays and closings; agricultural weather information for TV and radio. (814) 235-8650

Agence France-Presse: News, including breaking international stories, business and economic news coverage in six languages; graphics and photo archive in four languages. (202) 289-0700

American Urban Radio Network: Hourly newscasts, commentaries, entertainment news, reports from the White House and Capitol Hill, financial news, nightly news, talk shows, special reports on African-American issues. (212) 883-2100

AMI News: Ski reports for radio and online publication; year-round camping, travel and fishing programs for radio, phone and Internet distribution. (925) 254-4456

AP News Service: Worldwide coverage of news, sports, business news, political news, technology news, entertainment and weather; text stories, audio, video, graphics and photos. (800) 821-4747

Archive News Photo: Gallery of more than 20 million photos and engravings, including celebrity photos; covers 3,000 years of history and up-to-the-minute news. (212) 620-3955

BPI Entertainment News Wire: Covers all aspects of the entertainment industry, including music, television, movie news and reviews and celebrity profiles. (617) 482-9447

Broadcast News Ltd.: General news, live sports and remote broadcasts for radio and TV. (416) 364-3172

Business News Network: 24-hour service featuring business news, market reports, financial news, live reports from NYSE, lifestyle talk shows, Business Day (3-hour radio program). (719) 528-7040

CBS News Radio: 24-hour daily service providing general news, special reports, newscasts, crisis coverage. (212) 975-3615

CNX Media (formerly News Net Central): Daily editorial news reports, financial and health news for Internet and TV; weather-planning service; content tailored for medium. (415)229-8300

Consumer Reports TV News: Monthly service of 90-second news features delivered via satellite; covers product testing and provides background information on products, best buys; syndicated on market-exclusive basis; extra stories for sweeps. (860) 677-0693

Court TV: Video clips on high-profile legal cases. (212) 973-2652

Dow Jones News Service: Over 2,000 real-time daily news items on the stock market, including stock tips and business news (800) 223-2274

Entertainment News Calendar: Listing Monday through Friday of celebrity events, parties and court appearances; listed five days in advance; distributed by mail, fax, e-mail or phone.

ESPN's SportsTicker: 24-hour breaking sports news, including game times, recaps, statistics and scores. (201) 309-1200

Feature Story News: Ready-to-air television and radio international news coverage, tailored to the individual on-air style. (202) 296-9012

Federal News Service: Transcripts of presidential debates; White House daily briefings; State Department, Defense Department and Justice Department briefings; Congressional Hearings; and Supreme Court actions. (800) 211-4020

Hammer Distributing: Car-care news, facts, tips and inserts for TV; The Auto Doctors. (740) 264-7585

Health News on Location: Health and dental news distributed by video and the Web. (214) 820-4827

Ivanhoe Broadcast News: News on health and women's issues; Smart Woman, Medical Breakthroughs and Prescription Health.

Medialink: Breaking business and corporate news, as well as industry news from the fields of entertainment, sports, health and consumer affairs. (212) 682-8300

The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group: Daily audio reports; Nasdaq Stock Market and American Stock Exchange reports; hour and half-hour versions of reports available after 4 p.m. ET. (800) 777-Nasdaq

News Broadcast Network: Breaking news covering business, financial and general news by satellite and Internet feeds; satellite and radio media tours. (212) 684-8910

Newsbytes: Real-time news on computers, networking, telecommunications, the Internet and online services. (800) 296-9832

Pacifica Network News: Nightly satellite feeds of national and international news for alternative radio stations. (202) 588-0988

Planet Production: Vignettes on environmental issues for television; station handbooks on community outreach programs. (913) 393-4455

Potomac News Service: Customized coverage of national news events with a local look and feel; covers major and obscure news. (202)783-8000 ext. 301

Reuters: Breaking national and international news including real-time financial data, collective investment data, numerical, textual, historical and graphical databases, news video and news pictures for broadcast. (212) 603-3300

Scripps Howard News Service: Photographs, graphics, paginated feature pages and 150 stories a day for newspapers, online services and television stations. (202) 408-1484

Sports Byline USA: Late-night talk programming for radio, featuring interviews with sports players. (800) 783-7529

Sports Newsatellite: Daily sports news, including game highlights and scores; exclusive sports service for NBC NewsChannel. (201) 807-0888, ext. 540

The Sports Network: 24-hour sports information via satellite and online transmission for radio, TV and Internet. (215) 942-7890

SRN News: 24-hour news service with reports at the top and bottom of the hour, including sports and business reports. (972) 831-1920

Talk America: News programming, national weather, sports and 24-hour talk programming via two satellites. (781) 828-4546

The Television Syndication Co.: Talk programming on health care and family finance; Startalk; Quick Tips From the King. (407) 788-6407

TV Direct: Daily news service, including live shots and customized reports; crews, newsroom and studio reports for TV station and Internet companies. (202) 467-5600

United Press International Inc.: International and national news text, audio reports and photographs for broadcast, print and online publication. (202) 898-8000

The Wall Street Radio Network: Hourly two-minute reports, including business, economic and financial-market information, broadcast via satellite 24-hours a day; includes programs The Dow Jones Money Report, Barron's on Investment and The Wall Street Journal Report. (212) 416-2380

Washington News Network: Video news releases and live shots; reporter packages and crews available including editing, studio and satellite facilities from Capitol Hill. (202) 628-4000

Weather Central Inc.: Tailors radar content for local geographic region; weather graphics for television stations. (608) 274-5789

Westwood One: Produces nationally sponsored radio programs; provides local traffic, news, sports and weather programming for 16 major cities. Owns Shadow Broadcast Services. (212) 641-2000

Wireless Flash News Service: Off-beat and pop-culture news items and celebrity datebook for radio, television and newspaper. (619) 220-7191

WOR Radio Network: Provides talk programming on health care, public affairs and consumer issues; includes The Bob Grant Show. (212) 642-4533