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Radio and TV news services

ABC News Radio:
Audio. News coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; newscasts and news headlines, crisis coverage, special reports, entertainment news and features, ABC Data wire. 212-456-5107

National and local weather and facts; school delays and closings; agricultural weather information for TV and radio. 814-235-8650

Audio and video. Monthly program of agricultural stories, available by satellite or hard copy. Stories are written for a non-farm audience. 847-685-8752

American Stock Exchange:
Audio and video. Broadcast location, market footage, analyst interviews, satellite services, business shows. 212-306-1440

American Urban Radio Network:
Audio. Hourly newscasts, commentaries, entertainment news, reports from the White House and Capitol Hill, financial news, nightly news, talk shows, special reports on African-American issues. 212-883-2100

Associated Press Television News:
Video. International newsgathering agency with worldwide crews, studios, editing facilities and global satellite video distribution. 202-738-1100

AP Radio:
Audio. Offers a variety of radio services for stations' on-air and online broadcasts. These include 24-hour, live radio networks, prep services, entertainment, sports, business, weather and breaking news. 202-736-1100

The Auto Doctor with Joe Hammer:
Video. Car-care appearance tips and tricks that anyone can do. 60- to 90-second weekly news insert. 740-264-7585

Broadcast News Ltd.:
Audio and video. Broadcast News (BN), a division of The Canadian Press, provides data and audio services via satellite to more than 600 radio and television stations across Canada. 416-364-3172

Business News Network:
Audio. 24-hour service featuring business news, market reports, financial news, live reports from the NYSE, lifestyle talk shows, Business Day (three-hour radio program). 719-528-7040

CBS News Radio:
Audio. 24-hour news coverage, special reports and updates, daily news-feed service, hard-copy service, newscasts and crisis coverage. 212-975-3615

CNN Newsource:
Video. CNN Newsource comprises more than 650 network affiliates and independent television stations in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. 404-827-5032

CNX Media:
Video, online. Daily editorial news reports, financial and health news for Internet and TV; weather-planning service; content tailored for medium. 415-229-8300

Consumer Reports TV News:
Video. Twelve 90-second news inserts, delivered monthly via satellite to more than 95 stations. Offered on a market-exclusive basis. 860-677-0693

CONUS Satellite News Cooperative:
Audio and video. Nationwide SNG cooperative providing satellite coordination and daily national, regional, sports and specialty news feeds. 651-642-4645

Court TV:
Video. Broadcast clip service; video from more than 700 trials and hearings. 212-973-2652

The Dow Jones Money Report:
Audio. One-minute long hourly business news briefs focusing on current money news, consumer trends and lifestyles. 914-244-0655

DWJ Television:
Audio and video. Production, distribution and placement of video news feeds, SMTs, teleconferences, radio syndication, audio news releases and PSAs. 201-445-1711

Feature Story News:
Audio, video. Ready-to-air television and radio international news coverage tailored to the individual on-air style. 202-296-9012

Federal News Service:
Transcripts of presidential debates; White House daily briefings; State Department, Defense Department and Justice Department briefings; Congressional Hearings; and Supreme Court actions. 800-211-4020

Hammer Distributing:
Video. Car-care news, facts, tips and inserts for TV; The Auto Doctors. 740-264-7585

Health NewsFeed:
Audio. Health NewsFeed is a daily 60-second radio program that brings listeners the very latest medical news from one of the world's finest health care institutions. Free of charge. 800-MED-RADIO

Health News on Location:
Audio and video. Health- and dental-news reports available for syndication separately or in a package. 214-820-4827

Hightower Radio Commentaries:
Audio. Weekday two-minute commentaries hosted by Jim Hightower. 512-477-5588

Hock Talk for Television:
Video. Ninety-second packaged medical reports featuring Dr. Leonard Hock, a physician with more than 20 years' experience. Covers medical topics in a clear, concise and enthusiastic manner. 913-577-0222

Kitchen Minute:
Video. Cooking tips from Jim White, a professional chef who, in less than 60 seconds, can teach viewers about new and easy ways to prepare foods. 925-247-1211

Living Successfully:
Audio. Weekly radio program about balancing work, relationships and money. Hosted by Bob Keeton. 804-272-5557

McDougall, M.D.:
Video. Magazine format, with John McDougall M.D. and Mary McDonough. 805-955-7681

Media Monitor:
Audio. Three-minute commentary, available five days per week, from Accuracy in Media. 202-364-4401

Medical Breakthroughs:
Video. Covers new treatments, procedures and technologies from around the country. More than 150 90-second split-audio segments per year, plus complete Web component including daily breaking health news. 407-740-0789

Medill News Service:
Audio and video. Regional news coverage out of Washington. 202-661-0104

Medstar Television:
Video. Weekly health-news services. With or without narration, split-track audio with A-roll and B-roll. Available in Spanish. 610-706-3285

Money Talks:
Video. The most popular talent-driven consumer news feature in the country. Three 90-second features per week. Hosted by Stacy Johnson, a CPA/stockbroker/realtor/life insurance agent. 513-533-4116

NASA Television:
Video. News coverage of NASA's activities and missions. Live space shuttle missions, daily video feed of B-roll and interviews on the news, interviews via satellite, and instant access to press conferences. 202-358-4555

The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group:
Audio. Daily reports; Nasdaq Stock Market and American Stock Exchange reports; hour and half-hour versions of reports available after 4 p.m. ET. 800-777-Nasdaq

New York Stock Exchange:
Video. Daily satellite feed of new company listings, B-roll/sound bites for market stories, and special features. 2:30-2:45 p.m. ET, Telstar 5, C-Band, Transponder 7. 212-656-5483

News/Broadcast Network:
Audio and video. Provides daily satellite feeds of releases to stations and other news programs; books and produces celebrity, consumer, health, high-tech and business interviews for satellite and radio media tours. 212-684-8910

Reuters Television:
Video. News feeds around the clock, state-of-the-art production facilities, transmission services, worldwide network of camera crews and studio facilities and special-event coverage. 202-310-5686

60 Second Housecall:
Audio and video. Internationally syndicated daily health-news insert created and anchored by Dr. Bob Lanier. 817-731-9196

Sports Byline USA:
Audio. Late-night talk programming for radio, featuring interviews with sports players. 800-783-7529

Talk America:
Audio. News programming, national weather, sports and 24-hour talk programming via satellite. 781-828-4546

The Wall Street Journal Report:
Audio. Twice hourly live business reports of one or two minutes in length. Covers breaking business and money news to help listeners manage their finances, careers and lives. 914-244-0655

Westwood One:
Audio. Produces nationally sponsored radio programs; provides local traffic, news, sports and weather programming for 16 major cities. Owns Shadow Broadcast Services. 212-641-2000

Your Produce Man:
Video. The latest news on fresh fruit and vegetables, varieties, selection, best value and recipes. Five per week, each report less than 60 seconds. 925-247-1211