Qwilt Caches On at Verizon

Adding a big name to its customer list, Qwilt said Verizon Communications is deploying the vendor’s Open Caching platform as part of a next-gen content and app delivery system that will improve the streaming QoE while also supporting new bandwidth-intensive offerings such as augmented reality, virtual reality and 4K live streaming.

“As demand for data and video services increases, Qwilt’s open caching solution helps our network meet today’s demand as well as creates the scalable network necessary for the future,” Lee Hicks, VP of network planning at Verizon, said in a statement. “In fact, we’ve already seen a 20% reduction in core traffic in markets where the Qwilt solution is deployed.”

Qwilt and Verizon are both members of the Streaming Video Alliance, a group that has been developing an Open Caching specification/architecture aimed at driving scale into streaming video by caching popular content toward the edges of the network. Verizon is among the service providers that has been testing this new architecture.

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Other service providers that are on board with Qwilt include Telecom Italia, Mediacom Communications, the Wi2 Division of KDDI (Japan), and Digicel. Qwilt said it has more than 100 deployments worldwide.