Q+A With Ana de la Reguera, Legacy Award Winner at Hispanic TV Summit

Ana de la Reguera
Ana de la Reguera will receive the Legacy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hispanic Television at the 19th Hispanic Television Summit, which takes place virtually on Thursday, Nov. 18.

In the mid-90s Ana de la Reguera’s acting career began in Spanish-language telenovelas. Over two decades later the Mexican actress has made a name for herself in Hollywood, most recently starring in Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead for Netflix. Her credits also include leading roles in the final installment of the Purge franchise, The Forever Purge, for Universal; Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens; Netflix series Narcos and HBO’s Eastbound & Down. She also plays Los Angeles politician Marisol Silva alongside Billy Bob Thornton in the Amazon Prime drama series Goliath.

In 2019, de la Reguera created, produced and starred in Ana, a semi-autobiographical half-hour comedy. This fall she began production on the second and third season of the series, which is available on the streaming platform Pantaya in the United States and internationally via Amazon Prime Video. 

In addition to her acting credits, de la Reguera has served as a brand ambassador for CoverGirl, Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Mexico. She recently became the brand ambassador for Colgate in the U.S. Latinx community, and she partnered with DoorDash on a campaign in support of restaurant workers during the pandemic.

NextTV contributor Addie Morfoot caught up with de la Reguera ahead of her receiving the Legacy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hispanic Television at the 19th Hispanic Television Summit, taking place virtually on Thursday, Nov. 18 as part of Virtual Fall TV 2021.

Next TV: Your acting credits cover all genres. When choosing to take on a role is there criteria that each character you play must meet?

Ana de la Reguera: In the beginning of my career, I was literally taking every single opportunity I could. So, I've got to play many different types of characters throughout my career, which has been fun. But at this point in my career, I like to take parts that I haven't played before, so I would say that’s a criteria. But sometimes I (take a role) because I want to work with a certain actor or a certain director. Or I take a part because it's just a great story. 

NTV: You created, wrote, produced and star in the semi-autobiographical series Ana about a Latina actress living in Hollywood. What made you want to make a series based on your life experiences? 

AR: It was not so much about putting my life out there, but instead putting my biggest fears, my thoughts and curiosities out there. I just wanted to talk about those subjects via me, so the easiest way for me to do that was putting it (in the context) of my life. So, while not everything on the show has happened to me, the series is a way for me to explore issues, talk and share with the audience.

NTV: Ana marks your debut as a writer and producer. You are also the series’ showrunner. What has it been like to take on all these different creative roles?  

AR: Doing Ana has been incredible for me because I've grown up a lot as an artist. Developing, showrunning, writing and producing the show made me become a better actress because now I understand everyone else’s job on set. So, I think, I make people's life easier now because now I understand those other jobs and I’m thinking of the entire process of the project, not just my role as an actress.

NTV: Is the plan to continue to write and produce after season two and three of Ana?

AR: I'll do the second and third season and then I’m going to jump into other stories that I'm interested in telling. I know it is going to be an easier [experience] for me because with Ana I have to micromanage every single thing. Since it’s semiautobiographical I’ll be like – ‘No! My mom wouldn’t wear that.’ Or ‘My sister would never say that.’  

NTV: What do you consider the key to longevity in Hollywood?

AR: You have got to just keep working and reinventing yourself, and you also have to have a lot of passion. The industry is changing constantly so you have to adapt, be open and be aware of what's going on around you.