Skip to main content, ClearPlay Team on Video Filtering Service and ClearPlay announced this week that they are collaborating on a video filtering service that, they claim, will legally remove offensive language from a range of original content as well as licensed movies and TV shows.

They said ClearPlay’s playback filtering technology is designed to work with’s library of more than 5,000 titles. is a streaming service that focuses on “faith and family-based entertainment” and runs a Christian movie studio based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The new filtering system is slated to become available to subs in the spring of 2017. supports several platforms, including Fire TV devices and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, but initially the filtering technology will be designed to work on Roku players and “most” Web browsers. noted that most of its content is free of offensive language, but said “some conservative Christian families have a zero-tolerance policy for certain imagery and/or words.” An example is the series Heartland, which uses the word “hell” on occasion.

“Working with ClearPlay enables us to further fulfill our promise of no language, sex or violence surprises with our faith and family-focused content,” CEO Greg Gudorf, said in a statement. “A portion of our customer base--who have very strict personal guidelines on what they deem appropriate--has spoken and we’ve listened.”

PureFlix and ClearPlay announced their deal just days after a judge told VidAngel, a service that specializes in content filtering, to temporarily stop circumventing copyright protections on DVDs or streaming any of that content over the Internet.

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VidAngel, which is also looking to distribute original content, has pledged to take its fight to the Supreme Court.