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Pundits Declare OTT Dongles 'Dead' Following Samsung NewFront Presentation

Evan Shapiro's presentation at the Samsung NewFronts
Evan Shapiro, the self-proclaimed 'unofficial cartographer' of the media business, spoke Tuesday at Samsung's NewFront presentation in New York. (Image credit: Alan Wolk via Twitter)

The dongle is dying, declares oft-quoted media business pundit Evan Shapiro.

Rolling through a deck during Samsung's NewFront presentation in New York Tuesday, the former Seeso chief (among many other video biz titles) showed a slide that caught the attention of other video-industry gadflies on Twitter. 

According to Shapiro, 61% of U.S. streaming video consumers are using connected smart TVs to stream vs. only 39% using HDMI dongles and hockey-puck-style players. And that disparity is only predicted to grow in the coming years.

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Elaborating on his presentation after his slide got retweeted by TV[R]EV analyst and Next TV contributor Alan Wolk, Shapiro wrote that 1 billion smart TVs will be sold over the next four years. Not one of them, he noted, will need a dongle to connect to the internet.

"As fun as it is to say the word 'dongle,' in five years we won’t ever need to *again," Shapiro tweeted, including an asterisk to exempt "Boomer"-age consumers from this prediction.

Shapiro's declaration was seconded by LightShed Partners analyst Richard Greenfield, who re-tweeted it with the hashtag, #goodluckdongles. ■

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