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PTC, CWA Push A La Carte

Even as the cable industry announces its participation in a push for parental regulation of content, the Parent's Television Council Wednesday will launch a counter-offensive.

PTC is teaming with the CWA (that's Concerned Women of America rather than communications workers*) to push for government regulation of cable--specifically mandated a la carte service--to combat what they say is forcing consumers to subsidize programming that is "obscene, violent and immoral."

That letter follows one by a group of conservative groups, including PTC President Brent Bozell and American Family Association's Donald Wildmon, also calling for government-posed a la carte as a way to control programming into the home

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association was one of a host of groups that is launching "Pause Parent Play" Wednesday, an effort to push parental control as alternative to government control of TV, movies, music, and video games.

* The other CWA, Communications Workers of America, has also come out in favor of a la carte in a letter to the FCC and Congress two weeks ago.