PROMAX&BDA, Magid to Study Viewing Habits

PROMAX&BDA commissioned a study to examine how consumers make viewing choices, as well as what influences those choices.

Media and entertainment research and consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates will present the results during the PROMAX&BDA Conference at the New York Hilton & Towers June 23-26.

“Consumers are changing. The earth is definitely moving in how people use media,” Magid Associates CEO Brent Magid said in a prepared statement. “This study will examine those trends, particularly focusing on how viewers decide to watch a certain program and what influences their advanced planning for TV viewing.”

Magid added, “We'll look at the impact of IPGs [interactive programming guides] in the decision-making process, as well as how the users of PVRs [personal video recorders] do their program planning and tune-in scheduling.”