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PromaxBDA 2016: HBO Marketer Details Culture Shift of Going OTT

New York -- Sabrina Caluori, senior VP of digital media and marketing for HBO, told an overflow audience at PromaxBDA’s New York conference Wednesday that the 14 months since HBO Now launched have significantly altered the company’s culture and structure.

“The launch of HBO Now was a tremendous shift,” she told moderator Gwen Throckmorton, Facebook’s head of industry, U.S. entertainment and global sales. “We learned what it’s like to do direct-to-consumer marketing. For us, we were technically a wholesaler prior to this.”

She added, “In the traditional linear world, buzz and ratings are your key metrics. Now, we’re talking about cost per subscriber and measuring the effectiveness of our dollars. For marketers, it’s an entirely different level of scrutiny. … We’ve had to take a lot of cues from true D-to-C marketers.”