Profanity in CNN Convention Coverage

In one of the few unscripted moments of the Democratic National Convention coverage, a profanity was uttered Thursday night during Cable News Network's coverage of John Kerry's acceptance speech.

Audio of the convention's executive producer Don Mischer was played over images of the the celebration that followed the speech. When balloons fastened to the ceiling of the convention hall did not drop, Mischer grew impatient.

"All balloons. Where in the hell are ... There's nothing falling," Mischer said. "What the f___ are you guys doing up there?"

At that point, CNN cut the feed from Mischer and its anchors apologized for the profanity.

CNN opted to use audio of a producer during yesterday's coverage to add color, according to a CNN spokesperson. Earlier in the broadcast, the audio accompanied a performance by Willie Nelson.

The word was omitted from later replays of the coverage.