Pro football mutes military tones

Pro football telecasts will omit their accustomed violent sound and fury in language and graphics when they resume this weekend, in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

Terry Ewert, executive producer at CBS Sports, said excising militaristic terms has been discussed with producers and commentators. "We're asking them to use a a certain amount of taste and restraint," said Ewert. "Blitz" is the sole exception to that rule, Ewert said, since it has become so much a part of football jargon, and has its roots in World War II.
CBS games will replace pop tunes with patriotic music during openings and interstitial segments, according to Ewert.

Spokespeople at Fox and ABC said that their football producers and commentators have also discussed avoiding war-like metaphors, along with other changes, confirming a report in Friday's New York Times.

An ABC Sports spokeswoman said Monday Night Football, which will drop the explosive NFL helmet-bashing graphics from its opening. according to a CBS Sports spokeswoman. A Fox Sports spokesman said its telecasts will be "respectful of what happened," also toning down its music along with language.

Pro football resumes play after the NFL suspended last weekend's schedule out of respect for the victims of the terrorist attacks. - Richard Tedesco