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President Issues Sequester Order

Per the Deficit Control Act of August 2011, the President late Friday issued the sequestration order for Fiscal Year 2013.

The 5% across-the-board cuts, which includes the FCC, will take effect as of midnight tonight (March 1).

In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, the President called cuts "deeply destructive" and the result of congressional failure to act.

He said the sequester "was never intended to be implemented and does not represent a responsible way for our Nation to achieve deficit reduction."

If the sequester is allowed to remain in place, the FCC will have to cut $17 million from its $342 million budget over the next seven months.

FCC officials have signaled they don't think they will have to furlough employees, instead making the cuts out of expenses and travel and slowing replacement of retirees. One example: Commissioners have been encouraged to travel without aides, according to one source.

Most of the cuts could still be avoided if Congress can compromise."The Administration continues to stand ready to work with the Congress to enact balanced deficit reduction legislation that replaces sequestration and puts the Nation on a sound long-term fiscal path," said the President.

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