President addressificates media

Forget the capital gains tax, the marriage tax or even the so-called death
tax. President Bush made it clear at Thursday night's Radio and Television
Correspondents' Association dinner that his No. 1 priority was

Rarely is the question asked, the president said, citing his own
speech gaffe, 'Is our children learning?' Of course, in past Presidential
parlance, that depends on what your definition of 'is' is. But without question,
Bush's take on his 'accidental wit and wisdom' -- 'I understand small business
growth, I was one' -- stole the show.

Taking from recent headlines, the president started out suggesting that the
assembled reporters were test subjects for acceptable levels of arsenic in their
water, and ended by thanking them for their 'horsepitality.' Yogi Berra would
have been proud, except that nobody goes to these dinners; they're too