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Powell: 10 reasons why I love my job

Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell couldn't wait
until December for his annual comedy routine before the Federal Communications
Bar Association, which typically asks the sitting FCC chief to give a humorous
speech to Washington, D.C., telecommunications lawyers as a year-end wrap-up.

At the association's June luncheon, Powell upped the ante for future chairmen
by offering a midyear bit, as well.

He closed a string of wry observations about the recently completed and
much-contested broadcast-ownership and telephone-access rulemakings with a list
of the top 10 reasons why he loves being head of the FCC.

10. You can wreck the economy and democracy all
without being elected.
9. Industry trade shows still provide opportunity
to show off gymnastic skills.
8. It's the only job in Washington that my
dad thinks is harder than his.
7. The annual chairman's dinner is a great
opportunity to get even with your critics.
6. Compared to Al Sykes, it's
easy to be funny.
5. Opportunity to review indecency complaints has its
4. Convenient Portals location provides ample opportunity
for fine dining.
3. Childhood fascination with acronyms really pays off.

2. Working with people like Sen. Fritz Hollings, you can really feel the
1. Where else can you do standup comedy and the audience can bill the clients to laugh?