Pop To Take Digital Tumble with Tumblr

When Pop rebrands from TVGN in the new year, it will be making the digital transition to the Tumblr social platform.

Pop’s new site -- poptv.com -- will go live on Wednesday, Jan. 14 to coincide with Pop’s on-air launch of the new network, at which point officials say it will become the first television network to use Tumblr, which counts some 150 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S., as its primay digital outlet.

The website will reflect Pop’s brand and new original programming, serving as the network’s official online destination and creating shareable content on the things popping in fan culture. poptv.com will fuse the sharing features available through Tumblr platforms with the traditional website assets, ensuring that TV network site staples, such as channel finders and programming schedules, are blended with shareable GIFs, memes, and such user-generated content such as fan art.

The joint venture of CBS Corp,. and movie studio Lionsgate, will trade as a fan-focused channel, sporting a new on-air look and a slate of programming feature former boy band New Kids on the Block and former Growing Pains star Alan Thicke

“Pop’s target audience are modern grown-ups with a fan-at-heart sensibility who are inherently social and want to soak up more out of the entertainment experiences they’re hooked on,” said Brad Schwartz, president, Entertainment and Media, Pop. “We know that this audience is highly engaged when expressing their fandom and sharing their passions with other fans—and we know they are doing that on Tumblr. Working with Tumblr to launch a digital destination for Pop is a perfect opportunity for our target audience to discover, enjoy and share the fan-fueled content launching on our network in the New Year.”

Noted Tumblr head of media Sima Sistani:  "Our collaboration with Pop is a perfect way to connect television fans on Tumblr directly to both the network and the shows. The future of television marketing is all about engaging with your fan community 24/7, not just during the broadcast window. Pop is positioning itself to lead that evolution with an always-on strategy through Tumblr, a distinctive online destination that is instantly social."