Poll: Viewers hanker for more reality

Reality TV is the real deal for viewers, according to online survey firm E-Poll.

From a study conducted of 2,100 viewers over the Internet, E-Poll reports that 61% of `casual' reality TV fans (those who described themselves as occasional watchers) are open to catching a new reality series. The hunger for a fresh reality show from a `committed' viewer (those who make a point to watch) registered at 92%.

The top two reasons to watch, say E-Poll, were guessing who will win/be eliminated and seeing real people face challenges. Getting hooked because of a possible relationship between contestants ranked lower - perhaps suggesting why Chains of Love fizzled among fans. Biggest reason cited by `non-viewers' for not watching is that they see such efforts as too trashy or low class (55%).

In light of the recent violent incident on Big Brother - cast member Justin Sebik was kicked off for pulling a knife on castmate Krista Stegall - E-Poll may want to conduct another study. These results were gathered July 8 - 10, several days before the Sebik July 12 incident, which mentioned, but didn't include the knife scene. - Susanne Ault