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PlayOn Connects With DirecTV Now

MediaMall Technologies said it has added support for DirecTV Now on PlayOn Desktop, a workaround app for PCs that enables those OTT TV subs to view the service on more platforms and record and playback shows.

DirecTV Now, AT&T's OTT TV service launched late last year, had introduced apps or extended official support for platforms that include Web browsers, Amazon Fire TV players and sticks, Apple TV boxes (4th generation), Android and iOS mobile devices, the Chromecast streaming adapter (currently only for Android) and Chromecast-enabled TVs. 

PlayOn Desktop, MediaMall said, will also enable DirecTV Now subs to view the service on other platforms, including Roku players as well as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii consoles. DirecTV Now has a cloud DVR on its feature roadmap, but PlayOn Desktop also features DVR capabilities.

PlayOn’s app turns PCs into a streaming media center, allowing users to “cast” content to other devices for display on TVs.

The app is free to download, but the recording and media casting capabilities costs $7.99 per month, $29.99 per year, or $69.99 for a lifetime subscription.