Plaintiffs in Maury Case Oppose Private Arbitration

The plaintiffs in a $100 million sexual harassment suit against NBC Universal’s Maury have filed a motion opposing a move by the talk show’s producers to have the claim heard in private arbitration.

An attorney for the plaintiff, former show producer Bianca Nardi, went on the attack after the show appealed for the New York Supreme Court to compel her into arbitration.

Lawyer Bruce Baron called the move a “ploy to publicly silence” Nardi’s allegations and claims. He asserted the producers’ appeal contained "never-before-viewed exhibits" and that Nardi “had never contracted away her right to her day in court.”

In a previously released statement, NBC U, which has maintained the show’s innocence in the case, said, “In response to the plaintiff's complaint, we have filed a motion to dismiss the case and have asked the court to instead compel the plaintiff to arbitrate her claims as required by her contract. We also have asked the court, again based on the plaintiff's contract, to award us the fees and costs of bringing this motion."