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Philly Car Dealer Gets Bad Rap...Again

Snoop Dogg has filed a lawsuit seeking $2 million in damages from Gary Barbera Enterprises for misusing his image and speech pattern in its ads.

 Snoop has appeared in TV spots for Chrysler with Lee Iacocca and one of the ads features a line that is similar to his “If the ride is more fly, then you must buy” tag ine in the Chrysler spots.

The ads also show Snoop next to the words “Is Bar-BIZZEL The SH-izzle.” His lawsuit claims that the words are “confusingly similar [Editor's note: or 'similarly confusing'] to the Snoop Dogg trademark.” Barbera marketing director Eric Gerstein says the company has been in contact with Snoop’s representatives and is discussing a settlement.

Snoop is the second rapper to take on the dealer.  50 Cent is suing for $1 million. The dealership used the slogan “Just Like 50 Says!” and 50 Cent’s picture in print ads for a Dodge Magnum.