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Pepsi Plans First Packaging Redesign in 16 Years

Pepsi is planning on its first new package redesign in 16
years, according to an article by Ad Age.

The new bottles will be available in the 16 oz. and 20 oz.
plastic versions, with a swirled grip on the bottom portion and a short label with
in "cola-colored" border with a bigger logo, the story said. A 12 oz. glass version will also
be available at select retailers, according to the article.

The bottle shape was last updated in 1997. According to the piece, the new design
will apply to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Pepsi Next. The glass bottle is
only available for the full-calorie Pepsi, the story said.

The redesigned bottles will become available in April, though
Angelique Krembs, VP of marketing for Pepsi, says in the story the entire system will take
some time before it is turned over. She says that the redesigned packaging will
be converted across the country by year's end.

Krembs says in the report that the redesign began over a year ago in
conjunction with the brand's new mantra, "Capturing the excitement of now."

Back in 2008, Pepsi introduced a new globe logo and updated
packaging. But its logo has remained the same-in contrast to soda rival

The bottle redesign is a standard on which Pepsi hopes to
build. Last June, Pepsi hired Mauro Porcini as its chief design officer, who
looked into Pepsi's archives for inspiration and features that prevailed over
the brand's life.  

"We didn't want to create a shape that came out of
nowhere," Ms. Krembs said in the piece. "It's not uniform, it's a little
asymmetrical, there's a little edginess and playfulness, which is consistent
with Pepsi's equities and youthful spirit."

The packaging redesign was tested with consumers though it
has yet entered the market, unlike competitor Mountain Dew, who tested its
redesigned packaging with consumers and was "well-received," giving Pepsi a
boost of confidence with its own redesign, according to the article.