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Penthera Hires Chief Revenue Officer

Penthera, a company that specializes in download-to-go management systems and software, has hired Daniel Hurwitz to the post of chief revenue officer.

Hurwitz, who is late of companies such as SiriusXM, NBC Universal Media and AOL, is tasked with helping Penthera grow its position as a provider of technology that enables secure offline viewing of video and other types of media.

Hurwitz, who has also helped build and rebuild sales operations for comapneis such as Evergage, MapMyFitness and Audience Science, reports to Penthera COO Daniel Taitz.

Penthera said Hurwitz is being joined by his business development partner, Will Chapman, who is serving as VP of sales. Chapman has worked with Hurwitz at GoNoodle as regional VP, and at SiriusXM. Chapman is also the former chief revenue officer of BrightLine and was VP of sales at Audience Science.

“We like to join firms with unique and forward-looking products. Penthera’s suite of products to enhance mobile viewing are the right products at the right time,” Hurwitz said in a statement. “ With a growing team of engineers, Penthera helps  customers  reduce the friction that consumers experience when they view video on mobile devices.”

Penthera, the maker of a download-to-go software platform called Cache&Carry, counts customers such as Starz, A&E, Liberty Global, Comcast, Charter Communications, Showtime, and Corus Entertainment.

In October, Penthera announced a $6 million investment from Liberty Global Ventures.