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PEJ: Midterm Is Year's Biggest News Story

The 2010 midterm election was the biggest story of
the year in terms of news coverage, according to the Project for Excellence in
Journalism's News Coverage Index, occupying 57% of the news hole Nov. 1-7.

It was the fourth biggest story since the NCI was
launched in January 2007 behind three other election-related stories from 2008:
the election of President Obama (76%, Nov. 3-9); the combination of the
Democrats' nominating convention that picked Obama and the surprise
announcement of Sarah Palin as Republican VP nominee (69%, Aug. 25-31), and the
Palin story by itself (58%, Sept. 1-7).

In second place at only 7% of the news hole last
week was the economy, followed by two bombs found on cargo planes (5%).
Tropical Storm Tomas was fourth at 2%.

The index looks at about 1,000 stories from 52 media outlets in print,
online, network TV, cable TV and national radio.