PeerApp Taps New CEO

PeerApp, a maker of “transparent” caching technologies, said Gadi Tamari has been named CEO, succeeding Robert Mayer.

PeerApp didn’t give a reason for Mayer’s departure. Tamari has served as PeerApp’s chairman of the board for the last four years. 

“I want to thank Robert Mayer for his many significant contributions to the company during his tenure as founder and CEO,” said Tamari, in a statement.

Tamari is also the former CEO and ex board director of Radvision, and is late of Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent), where he headed up global sales of its next-gen softswitch.

Transparent caching specialist such as PeerApp and Qwilt are gaining popularity as ISPs look for new ways to manage bandwidth and the quality of over-the-top video streams. Their systems are transparent in the sense that they can, on an agnostic basis, cache content on the edge of the network based on popularity from a variety of sources. That’s an alternative to single-purpose caching systems such as the appliance Netflix uses for its Open Connect program and offers for free to ISP partners.