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Pearson morphs into FremantleMedia

Pearson Television has been renamed FremantleMedia to reflect the company's merger with German-based radio and TV giant CLT-UFA forming the RTL Group.

Only the name was revamped at Pearson, with all current executives staying put, including Tony Cohen, head of Pearson North America now chief executive of FremantleMedia. Because Pearson retains less than a 25% stake within the new company, executives felt keeping the Pearson title didn't make much sense. It's also been said that Pearson is looking to leave the TV business altogether, likely selling their stake in RTL in five years time. That would mean RTL "would be legally required" to find a new title for its TV subsidiary says an RTL spokesperson.

The FremantleMedia brand will debut at October's MIPCOM, and will be integrated within all of Pearson's TV series, including the upcoming Card Sharks, shortly after. No design details were given. Fremantle was the name of a game show producer that worked for Pearson during the 1990's. - Susanne Ault