From the peanut gallery

"If every advertiser were as good at introducing new products as the XFL has been, our economy would be booming."

-Jon Mandel of Mediacom, quoted in USA Today.

"Once the real football fans tune out, count on the X further obscuring the FL."

-The New York Times' Harry Araton on the future course of McMahon's XFL.

"Dress the athletes in leather and fringed buckskin."

-Slate magazine's Andrew Vontz's suggested improvements.

"For however much longer the XFL lasts, there's really only one scorecard worth keeping. It's the one that notes all the sellouts who lent their names, careers, reputations and consciences to this predictably unmitigated garbage."

-New York Post's Phil Mushnick.

"They were not at all the lewd and sluttish bimbos that we were led to expect, almost promised by NBC and the league. No. The lewdness level varied from team to team, but in the main, they were Pretty girls, Friendly girls, Sexy girls but no lewder than the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or the Laker Girls-at least for now."

-Hunter S. Thompson on the XFL.