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PBS Kids Channel a "Go!" For Fall

PBS says it will launch its digital channel for elementary school kids, PBS Kids Go!, in October 2006.

New additions to the channel include a Spanish-language block, Vayan! ("Go!"), featuring Maya & Miguel and Cyberchase in Spanish, with English subtitles.

Other newly announced shows include Kidsworld Sports, Wishbone, and Kratts Creatures, and Animalia (joining the channel in 2007).

In addition, Fetch!, produced by WGBH Boston, will debut May 29 on the current PBS Kids Go! block currently airing on PBS stations and also be encorporated into the channel. Also playing on both the analog block and digital channel will be the above-mentioned Maya & Miguel and Cyberchase,Postcards From Buster, Arthur, Zoom, and Dragonfly TV.

The channel will have wide cable carriage out of the gate thanks to a digital carriage deal between noncoms and major cable operators.