PBS, Carlton spawn $20 million program pool

PBS and the Corp. for Public Broadcasting have teamed with Carlton Intl. Media to set up a new programming production fund that will add $20 million to the National Program Service, PBS' main feed, over the next five years.

PBS president Pat Mitchell unveiled the funding infusion at the PBS annual meeting in Philadelphia Thursday. The new fund, to be administered by CPB and PBS programming teams, will be open to all stations and producers. Carlton will internationally distribute programs developed from the fund, with the first greenlight possibly going to a reinvented "Mystery!" project, according to Mitchell.

The public broadcaster also announced that it is co-producing a weekly 90-minute news magazine with National Public Radio to be dubbed Public Square.
- Richard Tedesco

"Public Square," which has been in the works since January, is slated to broadcasting in spring. Series will draw on the talents and resources of NPR and PBS. In January, the two public broadcasters announced an on-air and online strategic alliance