Paul Harvey hits the mike, hoarsely

Paul Harvey returned to the airwaves sounding a bit hoarse but telling his audience he ``feels so good to be back,'' AP reports.

``Americans, in judging the speaking voice which is still undergoing renovation, please be merciful,'' Harvey said Monday as he closed his syndicated five-minute morning program, Paul Harvey News and Comment.
Harvey, 82, had been absent from his daily radio shows since mid-May while recovering from what was initially believed to be a severe case of laryngitis. Doctors later diagnosed a virus that had settled in one of his vocal cords, and he was treated in Chicago earlier this month, Chris Berry, vice president of ABC News Radio, said Monday.

Harvey's voice sounded scratchy and hoarse as he began his broadcast with his trademark ``Good Morning, Americans,'' with news of Tropical Storm Chantal and President Bush's visit to Milwaukee. But it seemed to clear up as he went along, and near the end of his show, the staccato news reader and commentator broke into song, and said he felt so good he might start singing the news.