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Paul Harvey airing it out again

Veteran radio commentator Paul Harvey is returning to the air on a limited basis after a voice problem forced him off the air three months ago, AP reports.

Harvey plans to thank his fans for their support during a program at noon Thursday but wasn't up to resuming his news reports full-time. Harvey's daily programs, including two newscasts and The Rest of the Story, are syndicated through ABC. The 82-year-old lives in Phoenix during the winter.

Known for his resonant voice and staccato style, Harvey was scheduled to undergo surgery on his vocal cords but instead underwent outpatient treatment in Chicago last week, Chris Berry, ABC Radio vice president told AP. He'd been off the air since mid-May recovering from what he believed was laryngitis. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., recently diagnosed the problem as a virus that settled in a vocal fold, weakening it, Berry said.