Parents TV group bashes Boston Public

Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council is calling on Fox to move sophomore drama Boston Public out of the so-called "Family Hour."

PTC executives have sent a letter and signatures from over 20,000 "concerned" families to Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman asking for Fox to move the David E. Kelley drama out of its Monday 8 p.m. ET/PT time slot. PTC Founder Brent Bozell says he is also calling on the nation's top 100 advertisers to pull advertising from the series until its moved into a more appropriate time slot.

"Episodes of Boston Public this past television season included story lines featuring a female candidate for class president performing oral sex on her male counterpart in exchange for his support; cheerleaders performing routines you wouldn't see in a Las Vegas stage show," says Bozell. "This kind of vulgar programming has no business being aired during the Family Hour, period."

Fox executives had no comment. Boston Public is returning this fall for its second season, leading into fellow Kelley drama Ally McBeal at 9 p.m. - Joe Schlosser