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Pace Launches HD DVR Set-Top

Pace Micro Technology plc introduced its “Tahoe” HD digital-video-recorder set-top Monday.

Features included on Pace’s Tahoe include: dual tuners for two-channel recording; an expandable 160-gigabyte next-generation internal hard drive; dual HD decoding for HD picture-in-picture; home-media-server DVR functionality; a Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 2.0 cable modem with DOSCIS set-top-gateway capability; new silicon technology for optimized analog picture quality; and extensive connectivity and memory options.

“Since we're in a unique position as the only set-top-box provider with licenses and technology to deploy boxes on all types of cable-TV networks, the Tahoe HD DVR is built with a common platform designed to operate on North American cable networks,” Pace Americas president Michael Pulli said in a prepared statement.

“This underscores a major part of our long-term strategy for the North American market, which is to develop set-top-box solutions with a common platform that can easily be deployed on any network,” he added.