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Pace Gateway Aligns On Energy Star 1.0

Pace announced that one of its new cable broadband gateways, the D5001 Ultra, has become the first DOCSIS 3.0 modem to receive Energy Star 1.0 certification in the Small Network Equipment category.

The D5001, one of a set of D3 gateways announced by Pace earlier this year, is capable of bonding 24 DOCSIS 3.0 downstream channels, enabling it to supply downstream bursts in the neighborhood of 1 Gbps. The model, which can bond up to eight upstream channels, is also equipped with 802.11ac WiFi and an integrated MoCA 2.0 technology for high-speed networking over a home’s coax network.

“As a company at the forefront of digital TV and broadband technology, being an environmentally responsible business is extremely important to Pace. We are delighted to be the first company to launch an ENERGY STAR qualified DOCSIS 3.0 gateway to add to our long list of ‘firsts’ in energy efficiency,” said Robert Turner, Approvals Manager, Pace Americas, LLC.

“Environmental responsibility delivers value to our customers and our business. We fully appreciate the partnership with the EPA, and look forward to continued collaboration to support energy-efficient design and innovation across our entire portfolio of products,” said Robert Turner, approvals manager for Pace Americas LLC, in a statement.

“The EPA congratulates Pace for continuing to put energy efficiency at the forefront of its product design,” added Una Song, Program Manager, ENERGY STAR Program. “Using ENERGY STAR certified products helps consumers reduce their utility bills and protect the environment.”

Pace’s certification comes as the cable industry moves forward on a larger project centered on energy conservation and reduction. The Energy 2020 initiative aims to reduce power consumption by 20%, drop energy costs by 25%, and lower grid dependency by 10%.