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The Osbournes body-slam WWF

MTV: Music Television ratings smash The Osbournes scored as the highest-rated show on
cable last week, dislodging TNN: The National Network's World Wrestling Federation fare from its usual
perch at No. 1.

The Osbournes logged a 5.2 rating April 9, its best Nielsen Media Research number

WWF action harvested a 5.0 for its second hour on TNN April 8 (the first hour
registered a 4.5).

MTV finished last week with a 1.1 average in prime time, while TNN pulled in a

Lifetime Television held the top spot overall with a 2.4 average prime time rating.

Its ratings were buoyed by a strong original movie, We Were the
, which grabbed a 4.7 rating April 8.

Nickelodeon came in second with a 1.8 average, followed by USA Network and Turner Broadcasting System Inc.'s
Cartoon Network and TBS Superstation with 1.7 ratings. Turner Network Television's ratings dipped slightly to a

Fox News Channel continued to lead its cable news rivals, registering a 1.2
rating in prime time compared with a 1.0 for Cable News Network and an 0.4 for MSNBC.