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Oprah Rates with Frey

King World’s Oprah Winfrey Show scored its second-highest single-day rating of the season Wednesday with an exclusive daytime interview with Amber Frey, who was the key witness in the Scott Peterson murder trial.

The show scored a 9.7 rating/22 share in the primary-run overnight ratings, according to King World. Counting double-runs, the show did an 11.1/18. Those ratings are second only to the season premiere of Oprah, which featured the talk queen doling out some 800 brand-new Pontiacs to cheering audience members.

They also tied the ratings of Oprah’s annual holiday give-away fest, “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Frey returns to Oprah on Friday to talk more about her affair with the now-convicted murderer and about the book, Witness, she has since written about her experience.